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CapricornAbout Capricorn
Capricorn Characteristic
Capricorn man
Capricorn woman
Capricorn Compatibility

Zodiac sign Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

Those born under the zodiac sign Capricorn (December 22 – January 20) are economical, accurate, whatever they always undertake, they always achieve good results. Pretentious. They are often reproached with an indifferent attitude, but in reality they love strongly and tenderly, but it is extremely difficult for them to manifest their emotions. People of the zodiac sign Capricorn (December 22 – January 20) are true, natural, faithful and true.

Capricorn zodiac sign by periods of birth

Capricorn zodiac sign (December 22 – January 2). The greatest impact at birth on these people had Jupiter. They are balanced, prudent, follow the order and consistency in actions, over time acquire wealth and social recognition, but there is a danger of collapse.
Numbers conducive to happiness and luck: 30, 57.

Zodiac Capricorn (January 3 – January 13). The greatest impact at birth on these people had Mars. Overcome melancholy, famous for extremely negative impact on people.
Numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 16, 24, 30, 33, 57.

Zodiac Capricorn (January 14 – January20). The greatest influence at birth on these people had the sun. They are able-bodied, they have a huge supply of vital energy, they are sensual, they are two-faced, prone to sadness.
The numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 21, 30, 31, 41, 50, 57.

Capricorn Characteristic

Luck is a rare guest at the zodiac sign Capricorn. The success of a person born under the sign of the zodiac Capricorn is a victory over the barriers and difficulties of life. Usually, people of this sign have respect, but not warm or tender feelings. Capricorns are truthful, loyal, respected, responsible, hard-working, do not tolerate solitude and have a hard time getting acquaintances. It should be noted that people of the Capricorn zodiac are suspicious, resist innovations, attach great importance to their own reputation, are cautious, vindictive, have a sense of responsibility, are able to find a way out of a difficult situation, prefer dim lighting in living rooms. Capricorns are often in a bad mood, although they possess the ability to control themselves. The desire to achieve public recognition and fame forces people to go to the zodiac sign Capricorn forward. Capricorns do not care how they are around, do not often talk about themselves and believe that the use of charm to achieve the goal leads to a loss of self-esteem. They are secretive, demonstration of their best qualities is not their style, for this reason they are not perceived by others or are not perceived at all.

One of the most remarkable and distinguished qualities of the Capricorn zodiac sign is their persistent and purposeful striving for success and fame. However, not every Capricorn has the necessary patience and tirelessness for this, although a distinctive feature of this zodiac sign is steadfastness and perseverance. Some of Capricorns resist adversities that occur on the path of life, the other part with great obstinacy is looking for minute-long ways out of difficult situations.
Calm and self-control in commercial and political activities allows a person to sign the Capricorn zodiac to enter into lucrative deals and contracts. They endure suffering, pain and inconvenience, impartial, demanding, hide feelings. Under the imperturbable outward calm, the people of this sign show a tendency to nonstop confrontation between greed and selflessness, the devil and the Lord. Ignoring such human properties as charm and charm is manifested in Capricorns and modesty of clothing. The reason for this attitude is the desire for naturalness, restraint, tranquility, thrift and paucity of imagination. In most cases, Capricorns ignore fashion and consider the cost of clothing to be unjustified. There is only one reason forcing them to spend some of their time on clothes, and that is pride and self-esteem.

Capricorn man

The Capricorn man fenced off from others by an impenetrable barrier. He is shy, but he has a strong will and is extremely hardy, bezloben, eager for fame and honor. It may seem that Capricorn Man loves solitude, but this impression is deceptive, and to be more precise, almost deceptive. If you turned out to be a sufficiently skilled and capable person to turn the strict and persistent Capricorn Man out, a sensitive and cheerful romantic would have appeared before your eyes. However, to our bitterness, these remarkable qualities will be hidden deep inside the Capricorn Men, and in life we ​​will see a stubborn and serious man.

Capricorns men try to convince those around them that they do not feel the need to praise, but this statement is not true. In their souls, they want others to see their positive qualities and the usefulness of their actions. Capricorns men have a restrained kind, but if they compliment them, they lose their composure and confidence. They are extremely pleased, but the men of this zodiac sign belong to a reserved type of person who does not overly manifest his emotions.

A Capricorn man attains full development later than one year, but does not age for a longer time, neither in body nor in heart. The phenomenon of prolonged preservation of freshness and beauty can arouse the suspicion of infidelity. To assert that he is not capable of this is wrong, since this is not excluded. However, Capricorn Man has a deep respect for the family sanctuary and will bring you not so much experience and pain in love, in relation to men of other signs of the zodiac. Never fleeting interest in the opposite sex for him will not be more expensive than the hearth, spouse and offspring. Capricorn honors marriage obligation.

The Capricorn man does not belong to those people who recklessly marry, and later regret it. He will weigh everything in detail, and if he considers that it is necessary to say goodbye, he will fulfill his intention without pity and compassion. The choice of spouse The man of the sign Capricorn is very responsible and scrupulous, and sometimes it takes a long time. The chosen one must comply with his idea of ​​the perfect wife: seasoned, imbued with love, not stupid, intelligent, and flawless housewife does not change. And last of all, Capricorn indulges in thinking about whether she is attractive and liking to him.

Capricorn man true parent in a typical interpretation of this term. He insists on posterity reverence and adherence to established rules and norms of behavior. Capricorn itself is imbued with love and loyalty to its daughters and sons with its whole essence and, if necessary for the sake of them, is ready to sacrifice its interests. The man of the zodiac sign Capricorn does not condone the whims and whims of his children and does not harm their education, giving unlimited freedom of action. Only for the excessive severity of the Fathers-Capricorns there is reason to reproach. However, the older Capricorns, the less severe they become.

Despite the fact that the men of this zodiac sign are subject to the rules, from financial expenses to heartfelt feelings, only with them can one feel safe from all sorts of unpleasant life surprises.

Capricorn woman

A distinctive feature of the character of a woman Capricorn is politeness and the ability in any situation not to lose self-control. Women of Capricorn possess ideal behavior, so it’s extremely difficult to determine whether they belong to any class.

Owing to considerable self-control and striving for the realization of the set goal, from the side it looks as if the Capricorn woman has always excellent mood. However, this statement is not true. Influenced by Saturn, the Capricorn Woman is prone to frown, despondency and vision in everything just bad. To overcome a bad mood, Capricorn needs to spend a hefty supply of internal energy, therefore, under no circumstances do not make fun of a Capricorn woman, do not lie and often approve if she is worthy.

Until the moment when a Capricorn woman finds out how you feel about her, does not know about your designs, until she gets an idea of ​​your financial state and intentions, she will feel very uncomfortable. When a Capricorn woman realizes that you are the man whom she has waited all her life and that you need her, you will be amazed at her transformation. She will breathe with feelings filled with love, she will give you the warmth of her heart. She never trusts her feelings without first having thought over everything and without weighing it. In the case when a woman is a Capricorn zodiac sign convinced of the correctness of her decision, she calms down and throws herself into the arms of her beloved.

It is impossible to say that a Capricorn woman is a beauty, but the fact that she is endowed with extraordinary, intangible charm and endless charm is for sure. Compared to women of the rest of the zodiac signs, women of this constellation for a long time look young and fresh.

The Capricorn woman of the zodiac is a good housewife, her housing is always cleaned, neat, elegant and extremely comfortable. In home life always observes the established norms, rules, customs and politeness of behavior.

Woman Capricorn believes that in order to achieve something essential in life, it is always necessary to set a goal and overcome the obstacles encountered to move towards it.

To her children, Mother Capricorn is very demanding. She instills in children reverence for relatives, adults, obedience to established rules and impeccable behavior. Mother Capricorn takes good care of her offspring and exhibits amazing restraint, but is opposed to raising children with the help of sweet kissing. Probably, she is at times excessively demanding, however, having matured, her daughters and sons will thank her for all that she has done for them. Departure from the rule occurs when children overcome the adolescent period of their lives. At this time there are serious disagreements between the children seeking independence and the overly obese mothers. However, the wisdom of Capricorn Mothers takes precedence, and she accepts a digestible agreement with her children on the basis of mutual concessions.

Capricorn Compatibility

Compatibility zodiac signs Capricorn and Aries. The main difficulty in the relationship between Capricorn and Aries can be the thoughtless attitude of Aries to money. Most of their actions, with regards to cash, are confusing and difficult to understand for Capricorns. This is the main reason for the quarrels between Aries and Capricorn.

Compatibility zodiac signs Capricorn and Taurus. In addition to passionate romantic relationships, Taurus and Capricorn have many common hobbies and interests in everyday life. This allows Capricorn and Taurus to be together for a long time.

Compatibility zodiac signs Capricorn and Gemini. Capricorn is not predestined to be the first violin in a relationship with Gemini, he is too ambitious and always in business to discover the features of duplicity with his partner. The future of this union is rather unpredictable, but it is likely that the relationship between Gemini and Capricorn will not always be sincere.

Compatibility zodiac signs Capricorn and Cancer. For the union of Capricorn with Cancer is characterized by ardent and terse relations. Capricorn always doesn’t have enough time and will not spend it on the less important in its understanding as caring for Cancer. At the same time, this connection helps Raku to gain something more substantial, monetary and material independence, a firm belief in a stable future and such protection necessary for his normal life.

Compatibility zodiac signs Capricorn and Leo. Quite an interesting couple, which is quite capable of long-term relationships. Sometimes an unyielding Capricorn can try to inflame a rebellion and try to establish itself in a dominant role, however, if Leo can not give in to the will of the too dispersed Capricorn, then such a wonderful alliance can only be dreamed of.

Compatibility zodiac signs Capricorn and Virgo. Very good couple, efficiency and accuracy, Capricorn and Virgo walk through life together, holding each other’s hand. However, the fear of losing money can cause alienation from Virgo and break their long-term intentions.

Compatibility zodiac signs Capricorn and Libra. There is a strong physiological attraction between Libra and Capricorn; however, the connection between these signs of the zodiac is usually short. Capricorn is extremely negative about the idleness of Libra.

Compatibility zodiac signs Capricorn and Scorpio. An excellent couple whose relationships are usually long-term. Scorpio and Capricorn have almost the same outlook on life, trying to preserve the comfort of home. They are compatible both on the mental and the physiological level, with little effort able to meet the needs of each other.

Compatibility zodiac signs Capricorn and Sagittarius. The tendency to act under the influence of an unexpected urge, risk, and constant, unfading craving for adventure – this is how Sagittarius can be described; and all this causes fear in prudent Capricorn. This is an incompatible pair, they are too dissimilar in both their nature and their hobbies.

Compatibility zodiac signs Capricorn and Capricorn. This couple is characterized by stability and reliability of relationships, loyalty to each other, but the fact that Capricorns are inherently overly closed and unsociable, often leads to a hectic, fraught with danger or quarrel state in relationships.

Compatibility zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius. Fearlessness and ambition of the people of the zodiac Capricorn incredibly fascinates the character of Aquarius who does not possess such traits. Actually, this dissimilarity contributes to the beginning of the relationship and craving for each other.

Compatibility zodiac signs Capricorn and Pisces. A good union, but only if the Pisces can cope with the frequent absence of Capricorn and learn not to let their inaccuracy manifest in monetary matters. Otherwise, the future of such a union is rather cloudless and bright.

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