Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility: Love and Sex

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An interesting combination of different attitudes from which strong long-term relationships can grow.

Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility: Love and SexCompatibility in love

A Scorpio man often lives like a war, taking battles and defeating rivals, and a Cancer woman prefers a safe haven in the form of a family nest. Together they will not be bored, and with proper distribution of forces, they will be able to achieve a lot.

Conflicts in this pair often arise because the hot-tempered man makes a complaint to a modest partner, she is offended – and the problem grows like a snowball. If he calms down a little, and she directs his lush energy into a peaceful course, he will become more peaceful, and she will get some of his courage and straightforwardness.

Sex Compatibility

Everything is good in bed with this couple, especially if both share their best qualities: she will add romance, he will – assertiveness. The man will offer to try new things, the woman will support, and so they will spend together many years.

He can change, taking the “trophy” in the next battle. She experiences jealousy painfully, disagreements begin – and even a strong union can break up if he does not curb himself and donate some energy to the family hearth. Her betrayal is possible because of a strong offense, because in general she is satisfied with what happens in their bed.