Cancer Woman and Libra Man Compatibility: Love and Sex

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Excellent pair, similar in temperament and priorities. They do not begin to meet immediately, they converge slowly, but this becomes a guarantee of a long life together.

Cancer Woman and Libra Man Compatibility: Love and SexCompatibility in love

Both are quite perspicacious and not prone to hasty decisions, democracy often reigns in the family. A man earns a couple more often, and his partner supports him.

They rarely argue, because the woman is Cancer and the Libra man does not like quarrels and disputes. The reasons for the disagreements may be his hesitations in making important decisions or his seclusion in opposition to his active life. A quarrel can be quite emotional, but more often they agree and no longer make a problem out of it.

Sex Compatibility

They have high-quality unhurried sex, in which he brings tenderness, and she – feelings. Both are not too inclined to experiment, therefore over time it may become boring for them to do everything the same. It is worth thinking about how to add sex to sharpness and novelty.

A woman can change this pair if she feels weakness and indecision in her partner. But if the feelings are strong and they have many common plans and interests, neither side will be jealous and change.

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