Cancer Woman and Leo Man Compatibility: Love and Sex

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A very harmonious union, if both of them first look at the partner, and then give up the idea of redoing it.

Cancer Woman and Leo Man Compatibility: Love and SexCompatibility in love

Their romance does not begin immediately, a cautious woman. Cancer will still consider whether to contact the domineering Leo man, the soul of the company. But if he contacts – their union will bring both benefits only: it will provide calm rear and comfort, he will teach her to have fun and make friends.

A man will claim power, and if he does it not too forcefully, they will not swear at all. The reason will be different: she can save dissatisfaction and say at some point that he is rarely at home. Such a scandal can last a long time, and they should discuss this issue at the very beginning of the relationship.

Sex Compatibility

A good option for sex: although they are different, but successfully complement each other. From him – passion and fantasy, from her – romance and following his wishes (if, of course, her interests are also taken into account).

Change in this pair can be a man who will miss something. But given that the partner is quite jealous, he is unlikely to go for it without the desire to upset their union. And everything will continue with minimal losses for both.