Cancer Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility: Love and Sex

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This is a union of two different people, but so they attract each other. If they coincide according to aspirations, then they will live together for a long time.

Cancer Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility: Love and SexCompatibility in love

The Cancer woman creates comfort and gives the Gemini man a solid support in life, and he brings her to the light and teaches a different look at things. And it is even possible to live together, because, despite the different speeds, both tend to change their opinions and priorities.

They can quarrel because of his hectic life outside the home and blurring out family secrets. Knowing this, she would prefer not to tell him everything in a row, and this can be insulting. The woman will be the main person in the family, even if she donates work for the sake of the house, then the union will be strong.

Sex Compatibility

They both feel good in bed, because different temperaments add sharpness and interest. In addition, they both love experimenting, although you don’t say so. And for the mad energy will be a man who in return will receive slowness and romance.

The betrayals are rather random here because of his violent temperament and easy attitude to life. True, she can begin to be jealous, even if they did not mean anything, looking around, and this point should be settled as soon as possible.