Cancer Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility: Love and Sex

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A great pair with matching views and values. Both love stability and predictability, prefer the house to the light.

Cancer Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility: Love and SexCompatibility in love

They complement each other well, but it happens that both Cancer and Capricorn men are too self-contained and even the partner is not given enough attention and warmth.

In this case, quarrels over misunderstandings arise. But since both are rather restrained in the manifestation of feelings and appreciate coziness and comfort, the spat does not last long. The man in the family more often becomes the man, although no one takes the right to direct the woman from the woman: it’s just more convenient. Their tandem works well in the family, in creativity, and in their careers.

Sex Compatibility

In bed, this couple shows its positive qualities: the desire for romance, mutual trust and respect. They are not very fond of experiments and innovations, but sometimes you have to try something unexpected, so that sex does not become everyday. It is very useful to discuss intimate life, to understand who is missing something.

Betrayal of this union is not peculiar: both love honesty and prefer to part than deceive and suspect each other. Most likely, they will not reach serious disagreements and they will live together for many years.