Cancer: About Cancer Dates, Astrology and Horoscope

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Cancer: About Cancer Dates, Astrology and HoroscopeAbout Cancer
Cancer Characteristic
Cancer man
Cancer woman
Cancer Compatibility

Zodiac sign Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Born under the sign of the zodiac Cancer (June 22 – July 22) are committed to the senses and the hearth. In the family circle, they experience peace and comfort, they are able to relax and fully realize themselves. They have an increased susceptibility, they acutely perceive any offense or injustice, they give more often than they borrow. In work activities are conscientious, and they can always be relied upon. Cancers have a negative attitude to innovations, adhere to generally accepted rules and procedures. People of the zodiac sign Cancer (June 22 – July 22) are endowed with insight, sometimes bordering on belief in the mysterious and inexplicable, but they hide it because they do not want to differ from the general mass of people.

Cancer zodiac sign by periods of birth

Cancer zodiac sign (June 22 – July 1). People born during this period are benevolent, good-natured, sensual, have increased susceptibility and have a brightly expressed creative nature. They can show themselves from the side from which it is beneficial for them to be around people reaching for them.
Numbers conducive to happiness and luck: 25, 50, 75.

Zodiac Cancer (July 2 – 11). The greatest impact at birth on these people had a Mercury. They are not serious, inquisitive, mocking and demanding personalities, predisposed to business activities.
Numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 15, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 75.

Zodiac Cancer (July 12 – 22). The greatest influence at birth on these people had the moon. They have a romantic nature, they are anxious, have increased susceptibility, are prone to erratic life, as well as to mystical teachings.
Numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 16, 26, 36, 48, 50, 60, 72.

Cancer Characteristic

Those born under the sign of the zodiac Cancer are honest and loving personalities, they are not scattered about their feelings, but cherish them for loved ones. The initial opinion about the person of the zodiac sign Cancer is not very favorable. It takes a lot of time for a good study and the concept of the nature of a person born under this zodiac. People of the zodiac sign Cancer keenly perceive any offense or injustice, have an increased sensitivity, do not contradict the majority. Crayfish are charming and complacent, seasoned and do not lose their “I”. To them all who feel the need for unanimity and mutual understanding.

People born under the sign of Cancer, believe in the inevitability of fate and the inability to control their own future, and this encourages them to a reluctance to work and inaction. A huge influence on the inner mental state of the people of the zodiac Cancer has a moon. They are sensitive to the state of mind of people around them and, during the period of depression, they need to interact with others, who can save them from depressed and feeling unwell.

The zodiac sign Cancer is endowed with a mind, an unusually good memory, which it cannot use for critical self-analysis, resentment and anger.

It is great when people born under this sign use their accumulated knowledge as weapons, not as cover. However, they often experience fear and retreat in the face of difficulties. If necessary, move forward, but freeze in a fit of sudden feelings of fear. To decide this zodiac takes time to think, therefore, they should not be customized.

Character flaws that can be distinguished in the characteristics of the zodiac Cancer: belief in the inevitability of fate, inability to forget and inability to excuse unjustly caused grief or insult.

Cancer man

Cancer man does not belong to those people who share their inner thoughts with a stranger. Selected friends can rarely boast that in the course of his emotional experiences and thoughts. In order to truly comprehend the soul of the Cancer man, it is necessary to pass with him fire and water.

In the Man of Cancer, the most diverse and sometimes completely dissimilar features of human nature, which depend on the stages of the Moon, are combined. In appearance, the Man of Cancer is arrogant and passionless, but in his mild and full of love the soul will invariably find a site for humanity and pity. He is prone to feeling resentment towards others. In such situations, he locks himself inside and silently transfers the grief or insult caused to him. Sometimes you might think that Cancer man will sulk for a long time, but it is not. After a period of time, Cancer reappears in sight, smiling dazzlingly, exulting to the world around you, and you will rush into his arms. Sometimes it is visited by an impenetrable despondency, that even your desire to live disappears. However, the bad mood of the Man Cancer soon disappears, vitality displaces despondency, and you both rejoice. Yes, such a series of emotional state of mind is capable of puzzling everyone, but in the case when you decide to connect your life with the Man of Cancer, you will need to accept this fact. It is also necessary to remember that the most painful flashes of the painful depression come during a period of fear of losing something extremely valuable for the man of this zodiac sign. In most cases, you are invaluable to him. Convince the Man of Cancer in his deep feelings and devotion, and cheerfulness will never leave him.

And now let’s talk about everyday, but important and significant moment of your upcoming cohabitation. From his youth, Cancer Men have an incredible attraction to money and only they will become your main competitor for his attention. It is impossible to characterize him as a greedy person, but you can’t even describe the wasteful one. The rustling of banknotes and the strumming of money in a purse enchant the Man of Cancer in the same way as a keyboard musical instrument enchants other people in worship. However, no matter how much finances a man of this sign had, he would in no way boast about them. On the contrary, in most cases, the Cancer Man will create an impression of himself as a very poor person.

The most difficult topic to discuss is the matrimonial relationship. You are lucky if his mother is a sweet, pretty and attractive lady. However, if the opposite is true, becoming the wife of a man of the sign Cancer you need to be caring and sensitive to her. A husband will always compare his wife with his own parent, his family with his father’s family. All Cancer Man’s free time prefers to spend in the family circle, getting used to a cordial and kind attitude, tenderness and a pleasant way of life in his youth and will always insist on a similar attitude from his own wife.

By the choice of the bride, the Cancer Man approaches meticulously and thoroughly, and for this reason, sometimes a considerable amount of time passes before he finds a woman who would satisfy all his considerable inquiries. He is extremely afraid of being deceived, because an unhappy family union can discourage all desire to start a family for quite some time. When Cancer is still determined with his future wife, he will praise her all over the world and fall asleep with all sorts of presents. Without stopping being nearby, he will lively discourage the hunt of other admirers to approach his beloved.

As a parent, Cancer man is immaculate and few which mother women have the opportunity to boast of such deep feelings and loyalty to their offspring. Among other things, he is endowed with inexhaustible self-control, an unfeigned desire to know about the misfortunes, anxieties and delights of his own children. They feel satisfied with the success achieved by their children.

Cancer woman

The most preferred topic of conversation for the Woman of Cancer is the financial side of the elect. However, one should not assume that this curiosity, unlike the main part of the woman, is manifested only in squandering his money on clothes and jewelry. This is not true. Cancer woman will try to help all available means to exaggerate the state of his beloved man, providing assistance with recommendations and practical activities.

Cancer women can be divided into several groups. The former are distinguished by their meek, gentle, agitated, and restrained temper, while the latter are unusually obsessive in kind. For obsessive Cancers it does not play any role, what feelings you have for them, and if a woman Cancer has grasped for you, you will try not to miss it. To be free from her society can only be deprived of her condition or having received a “bunch” of sores.

Having elected a woman as a wife to Cancer, one should not forget about some rules that must always be followed in order for your marriage to go on without a hitch. Do not condemn her, pointing out the flaws, do not jeer at her and do not push away, because she is extremely susceptible, easily and often offended, sometimes too weeping. It is important to show respect for the father and mainly for the mother of the woman Cancer.

Often a Cancer woman overcomes insecurity and various fears about their attractiveness. She thinks she’s not as beautiful as you would like. In this regard, you always need to assure her otherwise.

It happens, the Cancer Wife begins to think that she is not skillful in preparing dishes, but this is not so and she is successfully able to compete with the pros of this business. One of the most beloved home spaces for the woman of the zodiac sign of Cancer is the cooking room.

Cancer woman is extremely prone to emotional excitement, therefore, if you do not feel love for her, it is advisable for you to find another woman. Also, you should not flirt with her, because it can so painfully hurt her soul that a Cancer woman for quite a long time will not be able to stand on her feet because of the shock that has happened. Having felt your love, she will be faithful to you all her life, but she will also ask you for such a relationship. By nature, the sign of the zodiac Cancer seeks solely to possess and dispose of, so the woman of this sign of the zodiac for no money and for any value will not share what she believes belongs to her.

A Cancer woman does not differ in any special qualities or virtues; she rarely becomes a leader, flat that it is better to save love and emotions for people who are close to her heart. It can not be characterized by a man who fights and defends their interests. In the case of an important event proceeding in a different scenario than the woman Cancer was counting on, she would secretly shed tears and wait patiently for the time when everything was settled without her intervention. Exposure is a good quality woman Cancer.

For the sake of people close to a woman of this zodiac sign, she is ready for anything. If Cancer is threatened over a woman’s family, she is capable of courageous actions. In a difficult time, she will not leave you under any circumstances, she will become a loyal assistant and help you overcome all adversity.

Cancer woman is an immaculate mother, caring for, careless, always calm and always helps her offspring. She takes care of children to such an extent and shows her feelings so strongly that they often become selfish.

Cancer Compatibility

Compatibility zodiac signs Cancer and Aries. This pair is incompatible, since the lack of delicacy in an Aries easily going out of itself is excessively destructive for the susceptible and fearful nature of Cancer.

Compatibility zodiac signs Cancer and Taurus. A wonderful couple, characterized by strong and long-lasting relationships. Being a homebody by nature, both Cancer and Taurus adore delicious food, splendor and a high level of life. Such a union is long-term and is able to give the signs of the zodiac Taurus and Cancer a happy life together.

Compatibility zodiac signs Cancer and Gemini. The relationship between the signs of this pair is short-lived, since the insincere nature of Gemini will someday deliver to its partner an extremely bad and nasty surprise.

Compatibility zodiac signs Cancer and Cancer. Emotional experiences and difficulties will always pursue this couple throughout their relationship. None of the partners will ever be able to find the positive side of such a connection, and, going to different directions, each Cancer will spend time only on solving their own problems.

Compatibility zodiac signs Cancer and Leo. The zodiac Leo strives in all matters to occupy a leading role, to be first in everything and always be in sight, in connection with which Cancer often feels abandoned. Even despite the fact that Leo can assist Cancer in the implementation of his pans, the latter, due to the incessant nagging whining, often because of the insignificant difficulties that occasionally arise, has every chance of losing the benevolence of Leo.

Compatibility zodiac signs Cancer and Virgo. In the relationship of this couple, all the time there will be a lack of passion and passion, however, for Cancer and Virgo, the presence of such feelings does not matter as much as for other signs. The sense of security and warm marital relationships are much more significant for these zodiacs.

Compatibility zodiac signs Cancer and Libra. People of the zodiac sign Libra feel the need for harmony and fun pastime, which is not very consistent with the nature of the zodiac Cancer, who lives in feelings and chooses home comfort, and not adventures and ventures.

Compatibility zodiac signs Cancer and Scorpio. These zodiacs are quite interesting for each other, but even if there are separate difficulties in their relationships, which usually do not take too long to resolve, the connection between Cancer and Scorpio can move to a new level and be happy and long.

Compatibility zodiac signs Cancer and Sagittarius. The zodiac sign Sagittarius caressed by fate is too practical and material for the human zodiac sign Cancer, often hovering somewhere in interreality and dreaming not at all about the elect with the kind of Sagittarius. However, the difference in views and characters and attracts these zodiacs. It is necessary to say all the same that this union is not the best solution for long-term relationships.

Compatibility zodiac signs Cancer and Capricorn. This union is characterized by ardent and laconic relations. Capricorn never has enough time and he will not spend it on such an unimportant occupation as caring for Cancer. At the same time, this connection allows Raku to acquire something more substantial, monetary and material independence, a firm faith in his future and, accordingly, such security necessary for his normal life.

Compatibility zodiac signs Cancer and Aquarius. People of the zodiac Cancer are overly susceptible to the indifference of Aquarius. Usually such a relationship is not based on true mutual relations.

Compatibility zodiac signs Cancer and Pisces. So many passionate feelings can only be in the relationship of these zodiacs, perhaps this is the most sensitive pair of all signs. They have a good understanding, similar amorous games. It is important for them to be sincere and trust each other, then the relationship between them can be long and filled with happiness.

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