August 20: Birthday Horoscope Personality

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August 20 – Zodiac Sign

If you were born on August 20, your zodiac sign is Leo.


The Leo born on this day are highly intuitive and sociable. The ruling planet on this day – the Moon makes their character friendly and sensitive. These people are gullible and creative. Able to cooperate with others and demonstrative in their emotions. They are prone to suffer from mood swings, and at times they react sharply to trivia.

They are proud and ambitious people, but they are generous and ready to help others. They are optimistic about life, funny and insightful. Have organizational talents. Can not tolerate any injustice. Despite the imperiousness, they are good and attentive friends.


In personal relationships they love when they are admired and pampered. Compliments and attention is the key to their heart. Outwardly, they may not seem emotional, but passions are running high inside. They can not tolerate disagreements and disputes, they always try to maintain harmonious relations. Sentimental and never forget about anniversaries and important dates.

In the bedroom they love experiments and sensual pleasures, they always care about the pleasure of a partner. They need a person who will give the same amount of heat as it receives.

Strengths: sociability, justice, friendliness.
Weaknesses: impulsivity, hysteria.


The number of life path – 2, it is associated with the key word “Harmony”, which emphasizes your desire for calm and peace.

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