August 15: Birthday Horoscope Personality

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August 15 – Zodiac Sign

If you were born on August 15, your zodiac sign is Leo.


The Leo born on this day are distinguished by high charm, flexibility and attentiveness. The ruling planet on this day – Venus gives temperament hospitality and goodwill. On this day, independent people are born who want to go their own way. They are courteous, fair and responsive. Full of optimism and perseverance.

These are executives who love to comprehend everything in practice. Generous, full of optimism and perseverance. They love when their actions are approved and appreciated. Strongly depend on praise. Prone to hasty decisions.


In personal relationships are full of sincerity and flexibility. They need a partner who will share their interests and preferences. They love romance and are open to their feelings. They like it when the partner also does not hide his feelings.

Despite their independence, they want to constantly know and feel that they are truly loved. They are impulsive in everything, as in the manifestation of care and warmth and discontent. They love physical intimacy and usually insist on bed. They love spontaneity and adventure. Despite the apparent emotional detachment, love really deeply and strongly.

Strengths: observation, goodwill, a sense of justice.
Weaknesses: stubbornness, a tendency to exaggerate.


The number of life’s journey is 6, it is associated with the keyword “Sociality”, which emphasizes your love for society and compassion.

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