August 11: Birthday Horoscope Personality

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August 11 – Zodiac Sign

If you were born on August 11, your zodiac sign is Leo.


The Leo born on this day have innovative talents, incredible will and perseverance. The ruling planet on this day – the Moon gives their character high intuition and artistic talents.

People born on this day are resistant to solving problems, confident and proud. They love new knowledge and exchange of opinions. Always ready to help others. These are generous, loyal and sensual friends. They are protectionists and have good manners. These are independent people who want to go their own way. Flattery and compliments make their mood good.


In personal relationships, passionate and compassionate. Always take your partner seriously and do not trade it for a light affair. A little open in their feelings and emotions, especially in romantic situations. However, in spite of this, they know how to love truly.

If you feel loved and needed shine with happiness and pride. As a partner, they are looking for a soul mate that will be as loyal and faithful. They need a person of the same level of intelligence, ready to be honest, fun and witty. The bedroom is not selfish and always think of a partner.

Strengths: independence, imagination, patience.
Weaknesses: irritability, unpredictability, impatience.


The number of life path – 2, it is associated with the keyword “Harmony”, which emphasizes your goodwill and openness.

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