Aries Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility: Love and Sex

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Representatives of the two active signs together, maybe not so happy, but definitely fun!

Aries Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility: Love and SexCompatibility in love

Active woman Aries, who knows what she wants, and no less active man is Gemini, who is interested in trying everything. They quickly converge … and can just as quickly disperse after another loud altercation with the heat of passion. But if they take for granted the fact that both can communicate in a raised voice on emotions (and this does not mean hatred, it just doesn’t work out quietly), everything will be much easier.

A woman will direct her Gemini up the career ladder, not letting herself be distracted by intriguing, but dubious proposals, and she will not miss hers. Therefore, such a union is beneficial to both.

Sex Compatibility

Sex life in this pair will surely be bright: both signs are very impulsive and temperamental. They are always ready to experiment and able to have sex anywhere, anytime. A man can sometimes be “brought” in the process of mastering a new one (for example, he will not immediately hear the stop word), and this is the reason for the fights. But then everything returns to normal.

A woman appreciates loyalty and will keep her, and a man is often subject to temptations. You will have to take this into account, as well as the fact that, due to his open nature, he can simply communicate with another woman in such a way that it is easy to take for flirting. If the couple converges in opinions, a happy sex life glancing left will not interfere.