Aries: About Aries Dates, Astrology and Horoscope

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Aries: About Aries Dates, Astrology and HoroscopeAbout Aries
Aries Characteristic
Aries man
Aries woman
Aries Compatibility

Zodiac sign Aries (March 21 – April 20)

Born under the sign of the zodiac Aries (March 21 – April 20), merry fellows are short-tempered, strive to achieve their goal and are extremely uncompromising. The desire to defend their opinions can sometimes grow into arbitrariness. Virtually not amenable to foreign influence, have an inflexible will and are very passionate in love relationships. The man of the zodiac sign Aries (March 21 – April 20) always moves forward toward the goal set without thinking about the obstacles that may arise in his way.

Aries zodiac sign by birth periods

Zodiac sign Aries (March 21 – March 31). The greatest impact at birth on these people had Mars. In this period of time, very courageous people are born, with heightened provocative hostility, strong in spirit, brave, prone to violation of generally accepted norms, rules and orders, predisposed to self-praise and passionate in love.
The numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 15, 30, 45, 75.

Zodiac Aries (April 1 – April 11). The greatest influence at birth on these people had the sun. They have a sense of self-esteem, can selflessly sacrifice their interests for the sake of others, they are courageous, they have high moral qualities, they have an innate ability to lead, they strive to achieve their goals, they know how to overcome the obstacles that have arisen, and they also crave fame. A feeling of closeness based on devotion and love for them means the same thing.
Numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 15, 19, 30, 35, 45, 57, 60, 76.

Zodiac Aries (April 12 – April 20). The greatest impact at birth on these people had Venus. They are gentle, capable of deep strong feelings, impetuous, find a way out of any situation, music lovers and adore art.
Numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 15, 30, 36, 40, 60, 66.

Aries Characteristic

The zodiac sign of Aries is characterized by a receptive nature and a great desire to achieve its goal. Often, the man of the zodiac sign Aries puts his interests above the interests of society, is unshaken, always on the move and always in sight. Instantly delves into the essence of events. He can be trusted, because people of the zodiac sign Aries are not capable of lying. He gives frank and friendly advice. Aries does not recognize that the life of each person is predetermined from above and therefore believes that everything is in his hands. In the character of a man of the zodiac sign Aries, there is something not peculiar to an adult person, something unconstrained and it instantly catches the eye.

The influence of Mars and the Sun on the zodiac sign of Aries led to his desire for continuous activity and a predisposition to boasting. People of the zodiac Aries will make every effort to get rid of anguish and depression. It should also be noted that those born under the sign of the zodiac Aries are more guided by feelings, not conclusions. They are capable of high spiritual qualities, love to give good and pleasant, as well as give instructions. People of this sign are adamant, brave and courageous, capable of performing feats, filled with unique intentions and, not knowing fatigue, show interest in everything unfamiliar. They can be identified with the pioneers, as well as the creators of the new and the unknown. They love to go their own way. An overwhelming interest in everything sometimes takes the form of arrogance and incontinence. People belonging to the sign of the zodiac Aries are either good or dislike. They misunderstand the human essence, they absolutely do not see the subtle distinction of human natures, which often causes difficulty in communicating with others.

People of this zodiac have outstanding thinking and understanding. Before you start a conversation, Aries needs to think about what to say, because a person may have a higher emotional sensitivity than he thinks. Not everyone is able to find common language with people of the zodiac sign Aries. Remember that this requires more exposure and less proud, and arrogant behavior.

You should not stand in the way or quarrel with Aries, because he has an unseasoned kind and does not take into account other people’s feelings. In rabies, this sign manifests biased and sophisticated cruelty before destruction, and even self-destruction.

The women of the zodiac Aries tend to set the fashion, are prone to originality and choose rich colors of clothes.

Aries man

Aries man is prone to sudden change of mood. Now he is experiencing a strong sensual attraction, and a second passes and he is as cold as ice. In the event that you have insulted a man of Aries or he has lost all desire for you, and sometimes all at once, you will immediately feel a stunning change in his attitude towards you. In order to re-awaken the interest of the Aries Men, you need to start his seduction from the very first steps.

Aries men have a lot of ideas and have creative activity, as a result, being with them is sometimes exhausting, but not at all depressing. Aries are quick and lightning-fast, and a woman who is slow by nature will not be able to keep up with him, and if you consider that he usually does not look around, it is possible to lag behind on the way. Aries man is unruffled, unshakable, arrogant, trying to overtake everyone and sometimes himself. Sometimes he is generous, gives everything that he has, but at the same time becomes unbearable, absent-minded, terribly exacting and selfish, if his dreams are not immediately realized.

Aries man surrenders to his beloved with a passion for which he is only capable, unfeigned believing that he will no longer have such feelings and they will stay with him for the rest of his life. And when a love relationship suddenly collapses, Aries man tries to restore them. If nothing happens, he finds and falls in love with another woman and again thinks that she is the one and only.

None of the other signs of the zodiac is so devoted in heart feelings as the Aries Man. Truthful in character, a man of this zodiac sign will not violate your allegiance under any circumstances, and, being a supporter of high moral ideals, he will not even have such thoughts in his thoughts.

If the darling of the Aries Men is not very dreamy and contemplative, at first he will be upset, later angry and eventually go on the search for another woman who is not so material and practical. This step is absolutely impossible to characterize dishonest, because not Aries Man has ceased to observe his obligations, and you have fooled his hopes. Marriage in the representation of Aries is not a dungeon and he is not a prisoner, understand it for yourself.

If you make every effort not to lose your charm and your eyes will glow with languor, Aries Man with great pleasure will choose only you. Loving relationships with two or more women at the same time do not correspond to his understanding of one, exclusive love for life. The man of the sign Aries in no case will not begin the following love relationship, without terminating the previous ones.

In public activities, Aries is a recalcitrant, protesting, fighting individual. Aries man can fight or argue with a man just because he thinks that he possesses higher qualities in relation to other people. This statement is probably true, but who wants to listen to it directly in the face. As a result, he often and strongly falls, and mainly in situations where Aries shows his temper before the leadership. Whenever possible, they will not forget to place in the humiliating position the arrogant and arrogant Aries Man. In such situations, he will go to you to calm his own offended self-respect and help.

Aries man is a sensitive and self-respecting father who happily awaits and meets the birth of his child. Later, he will try to manage his daughters and sons, as well as to choose the scope of their forthcoming work activity. In this situation, it is necessary to explain to the man of the zodiac sign Aries that posterity loves independence and freedom of choice to the same extent as he.

Aries woman

In relation to other signs of the zodiac, for a woman of Aries, a man is not so necessary. However, this does not indicate her desire for existence without love. Aries woman always needs a man about whom she can dream, and for her not so much as far away. Indeed, to the full extent that a man is capable of performing, a woman of Aries is also capable of performing.

Aries woman loves in absolutely any situation to take a leading role and always strives to this. All of the above also applies to her amorous and intimate interests.

In order to make an Aries Woman like it, try not to create the impression of being ready for her for any man’s sacrifice and unnecessary admiration for the dog. Try to be independent and mysterious, and she will not keep you waiting. In heart matters, Aries woman is extraordinarily generous, at least until such time as an emotionally elevated atmosphere remains between you. She is very sensitive. She avoids the autocratic men and at the same time does not tolerate “rags”.

In order to win the heart of a woman born under the sign of Aries, a man needs to call her a sense of admiration for her results and success in labor and other activities. Also, a man must respect her skills and natural endowments in a particular case. Aries woman asks a lot, however, and returns as much. She generously gives a part of her time, will help with finances and other material and immaterial values. Greed at the woman of the sign Aries is found only in relation to her sweet, which is her personal property. She is extremely suspicious of man loyalty, and this is often manifested in reproaches and accusations.

For a normal life, an Aries woman needs all possible time to be at her own discretion and desire, whether she is married or not. In this regard, you will need to learn to fully rely on her integrity and sincerity in all actions. At the same time, you will be under its constant control. This attitude looks inhuman, but not everything is so sad. In the case when the woman of the zodiac sign Aries has tender feelings for you, she will not under any circumstances violate her loyalty.

Aries woman is able to achieve everything that just does not wish. Even when the plan outlined for implementation is unusual or unreasonable, it will, in spite of everything, achieve its goal.

As a spouse, the woman zodiac Aries can be a real curse. Often, its interests will be far beyond the limits of its own housing, since it is very small for creative activities. Also, one should not expect that Aries woman will become an exemplary mistress, whose meaning of life will be only in looking after children and bringing them up. In most cases, she is a good cook, but always seeks to avoid this occupation. The rooms of her house sparkle, but not rarely removed only in the visible areas.

Your spouse-Aries will always be joyful and satisfied with life together, if you make every effort to save emotionally elevated feelings in marriage. She can leave you, including divorce, if she feels dejected.

Perhaps Aries mother will not overly babysit with children or care more about necessity, however her daughters and sons are constantly groomed, not hungry, not deprived of care and will receive the proper part of love and tenderness. Mother Aries is extremely demanding of her offspring and it will be a great success for her if in adulthood they manage to live without the constant help of their parents.

Do not forget that Aries woman is easily vulnerable. She tries to hide her own insecurity behind an iridescent laugh, however, this is just an attempt at self-defense.

Aries Compatibility

Compatibility zodiac signs Aries and Aries. Congenital obstinacy of people of the zodiac sign Aries will certainly affect the relationship of the zodiacs of this pair. This alliance is distinguished by temperament and fiery relations, however, it is characterized by constant single combat of two completely similar rivals in character, in which none of them will be able to win Victoria and not one will lose.

Compatibility zodiac signs Aries and Taurus. A distinctive feature of this couple is the presence of strong love with a predominance of sensual, physical attraction, warm, strongly expressed feelings, the reciprocity of which gives confidence in the duration and strength of the union.

Compatibility zodiac signs Aries and Gemini. The incredible vital energy of this union attracts the people of the zodiacs Aries and Gemini to each other with inconceivable force, but when the relationship is driven by passion, then there is a risk, a surprise and a desire for risky enterprises, which in most cases leads to a rupture of relations.

Compatibility zodiac signs Aries and Cancer. This pair is incompatible, because the lack of delicacy and easily losing Aries is excessively destructive for the receptive and frightened nature of Cancer.

Compatibility zodiac signs Aries and Leo. Extremely wayward couple. The common hobbies and strong ardent nature of these zodiacs arouse passionate relationships in the genital area, but an excessive manifestation of stubbornness and uncompromisingness often leads to strong contradictions.

Compatibility zodiac signs Aries and Virgo. In the non-permanent Aries, there is a susceptibility to see in the frivolous words and deeds of the Maiden an unfriendly action in relation to his person and an insult to his dignity, in connection with which, in most cases, he will oppress the agitated nature of the Maiden. This union as a misfortune is ill-fated and short-lived.

Compatibility zodiac signs Aries and Libra. The union is based on the attractiveness of opposing traits of characters. People of these zodiac signs are passionate in pastels, but a heated, fraught state at the level of intelligence can create problems in their interrelationships. The connection between Aries and Libra is quite viable, if they agree to mutual concessions.

Compatibility zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio. Very temperamental and passionate in sexual relations a couple, in a relationship which you can catch aggressive notes. The union of Aries with Scorpio is filled with sensual pleasure, but it is short because of the Scorpio essence that is prone to doubt the loyalty of the partner.

Compatibility zodiac signs Aries and Sagittarius. A good union as long as the relationship between Aries and Sagittarius is built on trust, filled with friendship and love. Groundlessness and coquetry – these zodiacs are actually compatible. Although not long, however, Aries can still close its eyes to the absence of Sagittarius, but the latter can hardly build a relationship based on confidence in mutual honesty and honesty.

Compatibility zodiac signs Aries and Capricorn. The main difficulty in the relationship of this pair may be the thoughtless attitude of the people of the zodiac Aries to money. Most of their actions in this area are confusing and obscure to Capricorns. This is the main motive of quarrels in the union of Aries with Capricorn.

Compatibility zodiac signs Aries and Aquarius. Fairly balanced, balanced and slim in the relationship of the couple. Only sometimes a little frivolous Aries, usually anxious to live for one day, does not see the long-term intentions of Aquarius who wants to fill their lives with well-being ahead of time and for a long time.

Compatibility zodiac signs Aries and Pisces. The zodiacs of this pair have very different natures, but they are quite capable of forming a strong, beautiful, and ardent union. But for this, partners should pay more attention to each other and make mutual concessions.

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