Aquarius Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility: Love and Sex

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Two similar people, but they are not so easy together. There are not immediately, they are looking at them for a long time, then the sharp corners are smoothed out, and everything becomes good.

Aquarius Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility: Love and SexCompatibility in love

There are a lot of reasons: a woman and a man. Aquarius is active, but sometimes superficial, decisive, but not always bring the matter to the end. Individually, they work more efficiently than together. In a word, they repel like equally charged particles. But if they smooth out sharp corners and exchange positive qualities, they can live happily ever after.

Quarrels in this alliance are not uncommon – both are explosive and may find a reason to be offended. In addition, both partners value personal freedom and claim leadership.

Sex Compatibility

The intimate sphere is thriving, but exactly until such time as the effect of novelty passes and it turns out that both of them like about the same thing – and they are already tired. Both love to experiment, but sometimes hesitate to offer.

Because of all these little things, both are capable of treason, especially if they don’t really value relationships. The partner, most likely, will not forgive this if there is no other agreement between them. In general, the union is good, but quite often both of them lack the pros.