Aquarius: About Aquarius Dates, Astrology and Horoscope

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AquariusAbout Aquarius
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Zodiac sign Aquarius (January 21 – February 20)

Those born under the zodiac sign Aquarius (January 21 – February 20) are endowed with considerable creative ability, impartial, they have a well-developed outlook, always in good relations with others, do not cause a feeling of irritation. The people of the zodiac sign Aquarius (January 21 – February 20) have an insightful mind, their designs are independent and inimitable.

Aquarius zodiac sign by birth periods

Sign of the zodiac Aquarius (January 21 – February 1). The greatest impact at birth on these people had Venus. Shy-timid, gentle people, prone to sadness and gloomy thoughts, found in love relationships.
Numbers conducive to happiness and luck: 12, 22, 32, 42, 52.

Zodiac Aquarius (February 2 – February 11). The greatest impact at birth on these people had a Mercury. Affectionate, have a clear mind, a little arrogance and desire for fame, a developed sense of humor, comply with the norms of social behavior.
The numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 10, 20, 42, 50, 60.

Zodiac Aquarius (February 12 – February 20). The greatest influence at birth on these people had the moon. Prone to frequent disappointments, restrained in revealing feelings and emotions, have increased susceptibility, tend to the truth, love to tell the truth, unshakable and attractive personality.
Numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 42, 48, 56, 64, 72.

Aquarius Characteristic

For a person, the Sign of the Zodiac Aquarius above the glory and public recognition are the true values ​​of being, willing to serve the truth and universal development. People of the zodiac sign Aquarius are revered and wise persons, prone to loneliness, impartial, even in a difficult situation do not lose their individuality. Very demanding in choosing people for close relationships, however, not against and unforeseen acquaintances. Those born under the sign of the zodiac Aquarius are subject to unrealizable dreams and designs. Uncompromising, they do not often listen to other people’s advice and at the same time do not want to share them, in all matters they rely only on their experience.

The people of the zodiac sign Aquarius strive to express their originality and they do not care about public statements about them. They understand what they need and how to achieve their goal. Often, people of the zodiac zodiac Aquarius have either a feeling of envy, or can not understand them, are endowed with higher advantages compared to those around and skillfully use them to influence others. They often suffer from their mistakes, and their thoughts are far from reality.

In people, the sign of the zodiac Aquarius is missing and a bit of anger, as well as the ability to dishonest deeds. They seek agreement and are able to find a clever, subtly timed way to solve the difficulty. Aquarius can be divided into helpless and viable individuals of the zodiac sign. In most cases, it is a mixture of a cherub and a devil. Zodiac Aquarius does not tolerate playfulness in behavior, strive to avoid unnecessary attention to his person, majesty, but is not averse to stun others. They want to bring joy and pleasure, however, usually only for themselves. Far from the generally accepted morality, but adhere to outdated views in the home. People of this sign avoid having similarity with anyone else, however, they want universal love, strive to be independent of the burden of material existence, and at the same time persistently move toward rule, status, and respect. The man of the zodiac sign Aquarius is of inquisitive nature, but everything unknown attracts him only until the moment when he doesn’t bother or until the unknown becomes known. In life, Aquarius are passive observers, but they are also capable of displaying magnanimity. They have something light, affectionate, unhurried. People of this sign are in front of a choice – flair or intelligence. They recognize the existence of God, believe in a mysterious, supernatural world, are filled with moral intentions towards others, are not subject to the feeling of strong anger. Their gallantry is naturalness in behavior and circulation, some of them are credulous, sometimes even unnecessarily. They do not know how to predict, they are somewhat gullible. Some people of the Zodiac Aquarius constantly need a sense of awareness of their own guilt, while others, on the contrary, hinder the manifestation of their own sentimentality, hide experiences and emotions. With every mistake, they try to avoid communication, concentrate their insight on the future, achieve their goals. They strive to surpass everyone, resist the instructions of others, are capable of any accusation of infidelity, become unfriendly, unresponsive and careless.

Aquarius man

In order to gain the attention of the Aquarius Men, it is first necessary to arouse interest in his person. Be a mystery to him, the Man of Aquarius is crazy about mysterious women, and the more difficult to unravel, the better. Show that you are indifferent to him (mainly when meeting you) and his eyes, who were indifferent to those around him, would open up and his eyes would be fixed on you.

The man of Aquarius avoids marriage in every way; however, if he still dares to do this, it is only an alliance with long-term friendly relations. He would prefer a woman with a big outlook who can talk not only about feelings, but also about UFOs, nature, global warming, problems in third world countries, etc. For Men, Aquarius, conversation is a much more exciting pastime than just daily sex. The embodiment of perfection for him is a woman-friend, who does not insist on mad love feelings and does not suit public accusations of his infidelity.

When you have a close and friendly relationship with the Aquarius Man, do not expect that further recognition of the feelings of the heart to you will follow, followed by a request to become his wife. If the Man of Aquarius still confessed his fiery feelings, he will find ten hundred reasons because of which he can not marry you either today or tomorrow, after many months. Even when you reject these arguments, he will immediately find others. But this does not mean that starting a relationship with the Aquarius Man is meaningless, it’s not so bad. He will still marry, but this event will happen only after all the friends create a family. In this case, he has a genuine curiosity about matrimony as a mysterious and untested phenomenon of life, because all friends have already experienced it. Then you will become a spouse sooner than you expected, since the behavior of the Man of Aquarius is impossible to predict.

Sometimes it seems that a man born under the sign of the zodiac Aquarius is too passionless and in order to kindle his feelings it is necessary to give a reason to doubt your loyalty. This is a completely wrong act in this situation, because he is not jealous. In case you make it clear that you are leaving him for the sake of another man, Aquarius will calmly say goodbye to you and perhaps even express a desire to remain friends. As for the man himself, the sign of Aquarius, under no circumstances will he break his loyalty, since his sexual relations do not take much.

The man Aquarius refers to this type of person who, compared to people of other signs of the zodiac, most often achieves good results and public recognition. It is impossible to characterize him as a generous and wasteful man, and not at all from the fact that men of this zodiac sign are excessive, are thrifty to greed. They do not often become wealthy individuals. When Aquarius gets some capital, they will not spend it on fur coats and precious stones, but they will set it aside until the moment when it may be necessary to carry out one or another phenomenal plan or take an unpredictable step.

Daughters and sons are at times unusually admired by Dad Aquarius. After all, he can tell a large number of absurdities, is able to interpret what other mothers and fathers do not even know.

Aquarius woman

Aquarius woman is an immaculate companion for people seeking to advance in the field of knowledge or through the state legal service ladder. She is an inventive, good companion, at ease behaves in any environment.

Aquarius woman is not prone to distrust. She believes in the truthfulness of your sayings and will under no circumstances check the contents of your bag or pockets for infidelity. It will not be correct if you consider this feature as the good features of her nature. The Aquarius woman pretty well knew your character before the marriage, and if you didn’t meet her needs, she wouldn’t marry you.

Aquarius is not subject to jealousy, even if a loved one is not always in their sight. However, if you give a woman Aquarius a serious reason to doubt, she will leave you without further ado. There is a chance that you will be friends, but no more.

Women of Aquarius rarely violate their loyalty to their spouse. However, if a woman of the sign Aquarius actually fell in love with another man, she would not “lead by the nose”, but break off all ties with you. Not surprisingly, people of this sign of the zodiac often have a divorce.

The financial question for a woman Aquarius is not so important compared to the beloved achieved a good result in the labor field.

Women born under the sign of Aquarius are very reluctant to borrow and lend to others. If she nevertheless took a loan, then returns without any delay and amendments. There are practically no monetary obligations to pay a loan from the people of the sign Aquarius, they are afraid of them like a fire.

Most of the woman Aquarius are mysterious, supernaturally beautiful, they can be attributed to one of the most beautiful women in all the constellations of the signs of the zodiac. In the case when it is impossible to characterize as beautiful, then it is certainly possible to call attractive.

It is very interesting to talk to a woman of Aquarius, she is able to be the leader of responsible negotiations, but suddenly she can go on to discuss “empty” and unimportant questions. Such a sudden change can lead you to a stalemate, but this situation is common for a woman of this sign.

Mother Aquarius is sensitive and friendly to children, however, sometimes there is a cool attitude towards them. She will teach children sincerity, respect and condescension towards people, and under no circumstances will she scold for the truth, even if she is sad.

Do not think that the wife of Aquarius will literally bring to life your desires and all the more instructions. She has a personal understanding of life, and trying to force a change in her attitude toward life will lead nowhere.

If you want to keep her, you need to be not jealous, not resist innovations, not be mean, pitiful and cruel, treat her friends well, even when they look a bit crazy.

Aquarius Compatibility

Compatibility zodiac signs Aquarius and Aries. Fairly the same, balanced and slim in the relationship of the couple. Only sometimes the carefree Aries, usually living on one day, does not see the long-term intentions of Aquarius, who wants to fill their lives with well-being.

Compatibility zodiac signs Aquarius and Taurus. This relationship is quite ambiguous. On the one hand, both partners are equal in rights, have no claim to primacy in relationships, which gives them the opportunity not to feel oppressed in anything. On the other hand, Aquarius and Taurus have a hidden kind, which often contributes to not completely complete frankness in relationships and erroneous mutual understanding.

Compatibility zodiac signs Aquarius and Gemini. The tendency to adventure, independence and similarity of other character traits allows Aquarius and Gemini to form a pretty good union. This relationship will be short-lived if the partners do not limit the extent of their desires to previously unknown feelings and sensations.

Compatibility zodiac signs Aquarius and Cancer. People of the zodiac sign Cancer are too susceptible to the indifference of Aquarius. Usually such a relationship is not based on a completely truthful mutual relationship.

Compatibility zodiac signs Aquarius and Leo. The zodiacs of this pair are completely different in nature, but they are drawn to each other, like butterflies to fire. The arrogance and lack of restraint, manifested in the interests of Aquarius, as a result will lead to the loss of common hobbies and interests, and their union will be unrealistic to save.

Compatibility of the zodiac signs Aquarius and Virgo. The relationship of Virgo with Aquarius is seen more as a kind of spiritual union, rather than the usual physiological attraction. The relationship between these zodiac is built on the level of intelligence and is usually very long.

Compatibility zodiac signs Aquarius and Libra. Extremely internally matching signs of the zodiac. Libra have moral qualities and purity of feelings, which are also present in intimate relationships. Libra and Aquarius can not focus on trivialities and make mutual concessions.

Compatibility zodiac signs Aquarius and Scorpio. Aquarius and Scorpio are too different in their views, morals and vision of spiritual values, which contributes to the short duration of their relationship. Aquarius is in need of freedom, and the man of the zodiac sign Scorpio is the owner and wants to fully enjoy his chosen one – these signs do not match each other.

Compatibility zodiac signs Aquarius and Sagittarius. Both partners have rampant wanderings and adventures. Both Aquarius and Sagittarius are capable of long-term relationships, especially with love, and even if the partners are far away from each other, each of the partners has enough awareness that they are remembered and waiting for their beloved.

Compatibility zodiac signs Aquarius and Capricorn. The courage and ambition of a person zodiac sign Capricorn incredibly enthralls Aquarius who does not possess such traits, and this difference of characters actually contributes to the beginning of relationships and passionate feelings between them.

Compatibility zodiac signs Aquarius and Aquarius. If you do not take into account the individual gaps in sexual life, the relationship between these zodiac can be taken as good and quite prosperous. However, dissatisfaction often leads to complication and termination of the relationship.

Compatibility zodiac signs Aquarius and Pisces. Not a very good alliance for the possessing a sensual nature of Pisces and Aquarius constantly immersed in solving personal issues. At some point in time mutual misunderstanding will cause disagreements, disputes and disagreements.

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